Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pizza, Heartbreaks, and Stuff

So, I recently started working back at my old Papa John's. It's been going well, for the most part. The "family" up there is pretty mean sometimes (ie: jokes and whatnot). I got re-hired as a manager and I closed by myself for the first time tonight in a year. I think I did pretty well, but that's mostly because Mondays are slow. Not like I'm complaining, because I don't want to be up there past 1am, but you get where I'm going with that...
I also spent all of last week in a funk. I have been single for the past week. It is kind of refreshing, but at the same time: I hurt. I can go spend time with family and friends that I had devoted to my loved one, but there is always this sadness to it. I hang out with one of my guy friends and it's not the same. In fact, I was so upset by it, that I begged to be taken home. Luckily my friend is a sweetheart, so he understands, but I still felt bad. Even through the "fun", I still thought about my ex. Not like I'm trying to, honestly, but he WILL NOT GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!
It's driving me bonkers. I can't sleep properly, in fact, I haven't really slept. And I've lost 20lbs in a week, because food doesn't sound good. I have to eat Papa John's while I'm there...and while pizza is okay every once in a while, it took 3 pieces for me to dislike it...AGAIN. Don't get me wrong, I love my job... being a manager is awesome, but the food... old news, haha. 
I have a twin and she and I share a room. She actually is one of my favorite people to be around and when she's visiting other people for prolonged periods of time, I miss her...simply because we'll stay up till 3am laughing at everything. Even if there is almost no humor to it. I've almost died 6 times tonight. I feel like my throat closes up when I laugh like that, lol. 
She's been helping me through my break up, which has been very good. She's not the only one though, because I have lots of guy friends and girl friends who love me. I might be someone difficult to love (3% difficult, according to nametests quiz), but I am worth the love. I deserve love just as much as the next human, which is where I'm challenging all of you as readers: show kindness and love to someone you barely know, someone you know well, or all of the above. And, I'm not just saying this because of the holiday season, I'm saying it, because we all deserve love. If you're hesitant around a certain type of people, because you don't know their group very well, become friends with one person in that group. Or at least go out of your way to be nice. Show that person that there is some faith left in humanity. Please, if you do this, do not just stop after January first though, because that is messed up. One of the things that bothers me is that we can all be nice around this season, but once it's over: hateful hags here we come!
Just, be nice to someone you don't know, or someone you do. Befriend them, show brotherly kindness and love, and make them feel special, wanted and loved. That's all for right now...

Love, Syl

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